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11th March at 10am
18th April at 2pm
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Exclusive FREE webinar on how to complete your auto enrolment project with minimum hassle
auto enrolment?
  • Background to auto enrolment
  • Important points to know before you start
  • Case study to illustrate the pitfalls for small businesses
  • Who must comply with the rules
  • Who can avoid auto enrolment
  • How to avoid the capacity crunch
  • How to avoid fines from the Regulator
  • Why the Regulator's tools only confuse the matter
  • How to safeguard workers' rights
  • How to find when you must complete your project
  • How to assess your workforce
  • Calculate minimum contributions
  • How to postpone contributions for 3 months
  • Save money using salary exchange
  • Choosing and setting up your pension
  • Important payroll considerations
  • Processes you need in place
  • Software solutions
  • Making your pension scheme live
  • Declaring you have complied to the Regulator - how to do it properly
  • Record keeping
  • Full question and answer session
In this free webinar you will gain a knowledge of:
After attending this webinar, designed for business owners, accountants and book keepers, you’ll have full knowledge of everything you need to know to start, manage and complete your auto enrolment project.
Join Dan Woodruff, Financial Planner and author of the auto enrolment project management guide: How to get auto enrolment off your desk . He'll share insider tips on how to manage your auto enrolment project and reveal useful techniques you can implement in your business right away.